After Jim got nicked, Setrakian tries to take Eph aside, presumably to tell him that Jim was a goner, but Eph and Nora were already in full "cure" mode, so I'm guessing that Setrakian realized that there was no point in telling that that their friend was already doomed; they needed to figure that out on their own. … » 9/01/14 11:20am Yesterday 11:20am

Strange but true: In the original novel, Freya doesn't just kiss Killian at that fateful engagement party; they actually do have sex. (A quickie in the bathroom.) And yet the TV version keeps falling over itself to make it clear that Freya ONLY kissed him, nothing more. Guess somebody decided that having Freya… » 8/21/14 8:21pm 8/21/14 8:21pm

It's perhaps worth noting that, in the original comics, they didn't get around to giving Strange an origin for several issues. The very first Strange story, by Lee and Ditko, begins with the mysterious Master of the Mystic Arts already established in his spooky Greenwich Village digs and is told from the POV of a… » 8/19/14 9:02am 8/19/14 9:02am

I thought the VERONICA MARS movie did a good job of showing texts on screen. TEEN WOLF, on the other hand, drives me nuts because they seem to think that my aging eyes can actually read the tiny little text messages on the characters' phones. (Not everybody has a giant, 80-inch, high-definition screen, folks.) » 8/16/14 12:05pm 8/16/14 12:05pm