I’m not sure about this, but maybe Caitlin didn’t want to reveal to Iris that she had already prepared an anti-shapeshifting serum. I mean, as far as Iris knows, the S.T.A.R. team is not in the business of capturing metahumans, right?

Or maybe the serum just wasn’t ready yet? Caitlin had mentioned a few minutes earlier… » 4/22/15 7:26pm Wednesday 7:26pm

This is not just a Gothic thing, of course. Need I mention Scheherazade—and all the dead wives who preceded her, who were murdered after their wedding nights because the sultan’s very first wife was unfaithful?

Lesson: Always end your stories on a cliffhanger. » 4/22/15 10:31am Wednesday 10:31am

To be clear, it’s not the words that are the issue. “Home to Dust” is a perfectly good title. It’s those particular words used as generic one-word titles that are apparently all too common.

True story: I once unimaginatively titled a STAR TREK novel “Paradise.” My editor pointed out that the the TREK novel preceding… » 4/22/15 7:53am Wednesday 7:53am

Also, aside from Blade, we’ve barely scratched the surface of Marvel’s horror characters: Morbius, Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night, Satanna, Lilith, the Legion of Monsters, etc.

Yes, I know there was a bad, low-budget MAN-THING movie. We’re just going to ignore that the same way we pretend that the 1990 CAPTAIN AMERICA… » 4/19/15 5:41pm 4/19/15 5:41pm

Not quite the question asked, but possibly the most lyrical novelization I've ever read was Paul Monette's novelization of Herzog's "Nosteratu the Vampyre," which is all the more impressive with you consider that it's basically a novelization of a remake of a silent movie based (illegally) on another novel . . . . » 4/15/15 4:11pm 4/15/15 4:11pm

I have a love/hate relationship with Track Changes when it comes to editing and revising manuscripts. Part of me still pines for the good old days of red pencils and Post-Its, but I'm gradually coming around to the idea that electronic editing has its advantages; I like being able to locate any new text or… » 4/15/15 7:07am 4/15/15 7:07am